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Junk salvage yards Near Me: Find Best Near You

It is important to choose the right local junk/salvage yards, you could be wasting your time by visiting a place that doesn't have the model or year of the vehicle you need.
A junk yard is a place where wrecked cars are taken and dismantled. The functional parts of the automobile are sold individually for use in functioning cars. A lot of spare parts are available in a junk yard (also known as Salvage Yards and Scrap Yards).
In this website we strive to help you make this decision a lot easier, by giving you plenty of choices to pick from and to help you purchase only quality used auto parts. We have listed yards from many companies. You can search this yards by looking at the map.
The experience of your pick and pull will be enhanced. Every junk yard listed here has their respective contact information, map with directions from where you are, their website is also listed and much more.


Find Junk Yards near me – Use the Salvage Yard Locator Below

If you are searching for terms like  “Auto parts near me”, “used auto parts” “Junk Yards near me” or “Salvage Yards near me”, the Google Map below displays all of the junk yards, salvage yards, wrecking yards and scrap yards in your local area.

What exactly Junk Salvage Yards Do?

Car Scrape Yard near Me Many junk yards will operate on a local level. The car junk yards near me buys broken automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles and even boats from people who feel they are too damaged. Perhaps they are too far gone be repaired or repairing it could be expensive. The owner of the car or boat will have to hire a wrecker to haul it away. In some places you are not allowed to leave wrecked cars by the road. The junk yards also buy auto mobiles from insurance companies. You understand that for an insurance company to replace a car it has to take the broken one. The broken cars are also sold by the police, most of which are cars involved in accidents. The junk yard owners have to tow the cars to their business location. Some cars can be driven while others have to be carried by a wrecker.
          The cars are arranged in the yard. Most junk yards will have computerized inventory. They can tell the place where a car is located in the yard and the useful part that it has. Most car junk yards near me have their cars arranged in rows and piled on top of each other.
             Parts that are usable are removed from the cars and taken to the warehouse. It therefore becomes easy to get the parts when a customer asks for it. There are some junk yards that expect the customer to remove the spare parts themselves, It is however easier for a customer to call in and confirm if the spare part he needs is available. This is what I learnt after visiting junkyards near me.
               Other parts such as engines may be sold to companies for remodeling and later sold with a warranty. A wrecked auto may have many reusable parts such as side mirror, wheels and so on. The remains of the car are sold out as scrap metal.

Want to your junk/salvage yard to be listed?

        We came together to help the general public locate salvage yards in your location, we provide a list of junkyards from all over the USA and our list just keeps growing.
      It is free to list yours today, just sign up and provide us with all the information and pictures of your junkyard, what types of vehicles and parts your junkyard provides. Most Salvage yards offer auto parts that came from vehicles that were sold to the scrap yard, or bought from Auto insurance auctions, most are cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans.
      Our online Junk/salvage Yard directory is completely free, we only add quality and top yards to it, if you have any suggestions for a yard in your area please let us know so that we can add it, you can request a yard add by going in contact us page by explaining why your yard in our directory.

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